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Complete Smile with Same Day Crowns

Male patient was unhappy with staining, discoloration and alignment of his upper front teeth. Six same-day crowns were done for the patient in a comparable shade to the rest of his natural teeth. He had a complete smile makeover in one day and was very satisfied.

Same Day Crown

Female patient was unhappy with the cosmetic look of an older crown and wished to have a new one fabricated in the same day. With the use of CAD/CAM technology and our sophisticated machines we were able to make that wish a reality.


Male patient has always been unhappy with the spacing between his upper teeth. The ideal treatment of veneers or crowns was not the best option for this patient, however a Snap-On-Smile was an option the patient liked. A removable smile, similar to a retainer, was used to give a beautiful cosmetic outcome and something this patient would be proud to wear.

Composite (White) Filling and Same Day Crown

A patient needed a crown and filling done on adjacent back teeth for functional reasons. In one appointment, the filling and crown were able to be completed giving the patient stable/strong teeth to chew with and a nicer cosmetic outcome.