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CariFree® Program

Does your family have cavities? Bacteria are the cause! Treat the bad bacteria with the CariFree Program. Infectious acid-producing bacteria cause cavities and over-the-counter supermarket products may not be enough to treat them. CariFree bacteria tester can attach a numerical value to amount of bad bacteria in your mouth. These infectious bacteria are transmissible and often affect entire families. Brushing and regularly flossing is not enough to restore health. New research and development have produced products that give dental professionals the power to inexpensively and painlessly test for and treat the bacterial infection that causes cavities.

Brushing, flossing, and effective diet are all good measures for cavity prevention. But, new scientific studies show that cavities are not necessarily caused by sugar consumption and poor dietary and cleaning habits, but by a family of acid producing bacteria. Once a patient is infected, good oral care habits are not enough to stop the infection and often the infection spreads to other members of the household.

If an infection is detected with the CariFree bacteria tester, then we at CVDC can treat it with the powerful CariFree oral treatment products that can stop the infection and kill the bad bacteria in as little as 30 days and often cost less than a single filling.

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